Adult Treatment

Treatment option to suite your lifestyle!

Orthodontic treatments are no longer confined to children and teenagers. Regardless of age, if your gums and bone structure are healthy, you can alter tooth alignment and enhance your smile. Our diverse range of treatments caters to various age brackets, including adults.

Surprisingly, around 45% of our patients are adults.

The journey to a new, stunning smile can commence today.

Undergoing orthodontic procedures in later stages of life can significantly enhance personal appearance and self-confidence. Equally vital is the improvement in dental health. Misaligned teeth and an improper bite can contribute to gum and bone deterioration, tooth decay, unusual enamel wear, headaches, and jaw joint discomfort. Recent findings also link gum infections to various systemic diseases, including cardiovascular issues.

Excitingly, the modern techniques and devices we utilize significantly minimize discomfort, reduce appointment frequency, shorten treatment duration, and offer various choices. Your alternatives may encompass clear braces, concealed braces (lingual braces), or nearly invisible Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign serves as a clear alternative to traditional braces, enabling the achievement of straight teeth without their visible presence. Whether minor adjustments or extensive alterations are needed for your smile, Invisalign is highly likely to provide the solution. The aligners, crafted from clear, medical-grade plastic, make their presence virtually undetectable!

During the initial assessment, we will identify the most suitable treatment for your unique requirements. This examination enables us to discuss treatment options, estimated treatment duration, and precise costs.

Improving your greatest asset—your smile—is a journey that is never too late to embark upon!

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