Have an emergency?

Are you feeling concerned about our practice being closed during weekends and holidays? If you happen to break or lose an orthodontic device during this time, rest assured it's not a significant worry.

Brackets and wires can be repaired once our practice is open again. If there's any movement of teeth in the interim, it's not a problem as they will readjust once the repair is completed.

In the event of losing an Invisalign stage, proceed to the next stage and take care of it as best as possible. Wear that stage for the remainder of the previous stage's duration and throughout the current stage.

Here are some temporary fixes for broken or detached wires at home:

- For a broken wire, use household pliers to cut off the loose part and then use a nail file to smooth the remaining edge.

If a bracket breaks off:

- Attempt to remove the bracket entirely without separating the wire from the other brackets.

If your Invisalign is causing irritation to your oral tissues:

- Gently use a fine nail file to smooth the edges that are causing discomfort.

If you encounter significant difficulty fixing your broken wire or bracket at home, consider seeking assistance from an emergency dentist. They can provide the necessary help and guidance to address the issue with your orthodontic device.

*Remember: Once the practice is open, phone to book your emergency appointment.