Why Choose Us?

Dr. Steven Flax is a distinguished specialist orthodontist dedicated to employing the most cutting-edge techniques available for effective teeth straightening. Our practice prides itself on several unique aspects that set us apart:


1. Specialist Orthodontist: Dr. Flax is a seasoned professional in orthodontics, ensuring the success of your treatment through his extensive training, skill, and decades of experience.

2. No Referral Needed: You don’t require a referral to benefit from our expertise in orthodontic care.

3. Interest-Free Financing: We offer interest-free payment plans, ensuring affordability and accessibility to our high-quality services.

4. Non-Extraction Philosophy: Our treatment philosophy revolves around avoiding the extraction of teeth whenever possible, aiming for optimal outcomes while preserving natural dental structure.

5. Swift Treatment: We are committed to reducing treatment times by utilizing state-of-the-art techniques such as Invisalign, self-ligating brackets, miniscrews (TADS), Acceledent, and other innovative methods. Our focus on efficiency maintains a high success rate and on-time completion of treatment.

6. Vast Experience: With over 30 years of expertise in various orthodontic methodologies including braces, plates, and particularly Invisalign, Dr. Flax is recognized as one of the foremost Invisalign providers globally and the foremost on the African continent.

7. High Standards: Our practice upholds a standard of excellence, ensuring personalized orthodontic care of the highest quality for our patients.

8. Positive Patient Experience: We value our patients as unique individuals and strive to create a relaxing and positive environment. Attention to detail and delivering top-notch care are central to our approach.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional treatment and service tailored to meet your orthodontic needs. Contact us today for an appointment – let us give you every reason to smile!

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